Tuesday, December 13, 2016



You just hear a band’s sound and just think about how fucking much stuff is going on in the music itself? Bands like Whispered and Inter Arma truly take that to another level with their music and actually make it work somehow. And bands like that make me think when I’m going to find another one like them who can do so much and do it well. As it turns out, that time is right now and that fucking band is Hazzard’s Cure from the renowned Bay Area.

If I could just lean on another metal website for just a moment, Echoes and Dust called the sound that Hazzard’s Cure “speed doom”. Apparently, that’s a thing now? Sounds a little contradicting if you ask, but fuck me in the Alps if it isn’t an extremely apt phrase. But the brand spankin’ new record of “Smoke Iron Plunder” is so much more than those two words, though. Hazzard’s Cure manages to glean an absolute fuck ton from multiple metal sub-genres including (but absolutely not limited to) black, stoner, doom, and even sludge metal to create something is very close to the definition of an absolute mind fuck. “Smoke Iron Plunder” is a quick, unrelenting, and diverse album that does not even begin to back off on its unbelievable onslaught. The vocals are where things truly go up a notch, for they’re just so fucking vicious and a constant attack on your hearing that it’s impossible to deny the immeasurable power they bring to the table, and how well they help tie “Smoke Iron Plunder” together in the end. The record is just so monumental and apparently comes from a band that is at the forefront of this speed doom style that’s a thing all of a sudden, but damn if I’m complaining! Hazzard’s Cure is a brilliant breath of fresh air that as someone who constantly searches for something even half decent to listen to, “Smoke Iron Plunder” is a bright light in the darkness, albeit a very dastardly and menacing presence.

As if there weren’t enough crazy sub-genres out there with pirate and samurai metal to name but two, now we get speed doom in a very tasty and extremely foreign entity that is Hazzard’s Cure. “Smoke Iron  Plunder” is not anything for the uninitiated and is something to be experienced only by those who truly do want to know what it’s like to have the lines of any sort of genre classification blurred to a previously unfathomable point.


Friday, December 2, 2016


The album is officially availble today for streaming and download. You can also pre-order the CD and cassette versions, which should be ready in about a week!