San  Francisco, California, based Hazzard's Cure is a four piece  heavy metal band. Not so easily lumped into a sub genre, one thing that seems agreeable to all is that their sound is distinctively “Bay Area,” drawing more inspiration from their contemporary colleagues than the masters of the past, shooting off at odd angles from the generic sludge, doom and black metal sounds that are clogging the web waves these days.

Clint (drums), Chris (guitar) and Leo (guitar) began developing new material for their post Orb Of Confusion project in late Spring of 2009, eventually recruiting Shane (Walken) on bass. They played their first show (as Waylin Jenocide) on August 7 of that year. They  played their first show as Hazzard’s Cure on February 7th, 2010, and released a three song demo just in time for their first tour, to the Pacific Northwest in April 2010.

Hazzard’s Cure’s first, self titled, full length album was released in October 2011 on Lummox Records, to critical acclaim, some even going so far as to say it was ”An absolutely phenomenal debut work from a band who know their stuff” (Death Metal Baboon) and “…one of the best albums of the year.” (Hellcrust). With massive production by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, and iconic and grotesque artwork by Lukas Krieg, the album became an underground favorite in the Bay Area and beyond.

To support the album, the band toured up and down the West Coast extensively, and played seemingly every metal venue in the Bay Area that would have them, opening for a diverse array of touring acts from around the country and world.

A New three song EP entitled "The Ugly" was released on CD and cassette in late 2014; the 12" vinyl followed shortly behind in early 2015. “The Ugly” represented an intensification of their previous sound, and featured guest vocals from Laurie-Sue Shanaman (of the late, great Ludicra) on the final track, furthering the band’s commitment to perpetuate the recent history of the Bay Area metal sound.

Since their inception, Hazzard’s Cure has undertaken seven West Coast tours, and played 129 shows with such bands as Eyehategod, Graves At Sea, Unasane, Mutilation Rites, Saviours, and Bell Witch, among others. A split seven inch single with Walken was released in September 2016. More touring (of course) and the release of a second full length album "Smoke Iron Plunder," are planned for late 2016. 

Fun Facts!
Clint and Leo were in Hotblack Desiato
Clint, Leo and Chris were in Orb Of Confusion
Chris is still in Floating Goat and is now in Wild Eyes
Shane is in Winter TeethWalken and was in Magic Moments
Clint is still in Owl, and Isotope and kind of still in Genesis Climber, and A.N.S.
Leo is now in Badr Vogu