Sunday, April 27, 2014


"The drummer of Hazzard’s Cure, who looks like Steve Buscemi at Altamont Speedway, took the stage and immediately blasted out a sheet of Lombardo-meets-Phil-Taylor D-beats and furious tom fills while his bandmates were picking up a couple of worn Les Pauls and an ancient green Rickenbacker bass with its strap button duct taped on. There followed a brief moment of Marshall-stack amp buzz while they looked at each other and the sound tech. Then they launched into a set that moved with equal comfort between three camps: bellowing stoner metal, crawling dooms riffs, and a hyperspeed blast/tremolo sound that nods toward black metal but always returns to a groove. Their drummer, Clint, plays open-handed with a ferocity that you’ve got to see to believe. He broke his snare head after the second song of their set. When their appeal to borrow a replacement went temporarily unheeded by the other bands, bassist Shane encouraged him to “just dig around back there and see what you find, dude…it’s like shopping!” With vocal duties split fairly evenly between both guitars and the bass, they’re a fun band to watch, but constant time changes make moshing difficult. Their lyrical themes can’t be beat. After one particularly crushing number bassist Shane explained, “That song was about mountains. All the songs are about mountains. Or drugs or death.” In summary, if you live on the West Coast, you should see this band. They shred."


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